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Before Signing Up

  1. What is a revolving credit card? A revolving credit card is a credit line, which can be used to purchase products and services, as long as there is credit available for the purchase.
  2. How is a revolving credit card different than an installment loan? An installment loan has a set amount of credit extended with a fixed payment each month. As the payments are made the debt is reduced but no credit becomes available.
  3. What does unsecured credit mean? Unsecured credit means that there is no property or asset backing up the debt which is owed.

Getting Started

  1. What is the Forest River Consumer Credit Card? A revolving consumer credit card which can be used to purchase select merchandise within your dealership such as new utility/cargo trailers, new non-motorized RV’s, parts, accessories and service repair bills. Customers may qualify for credit approvals up to $10,000, and higher amounts can be manually reviewed, subject to credit approval.
  2. Why should I use the Forest River Consumer Credit Card? It provides your customer with a revolving line of credit with payments, and allows you to offer flexible payment terms.
  3. Why not just accept other credit cards? The Forest River consumer credit card is a fully-branded program with a variety of promotional plans. The Forest River consumer credit card provides customers with a credit card that has your dealership's name.
  4. Are there any costs to my dealership to offer the Forest River Card? Similar to some credit cards, a fee is charged to the dealer for transactions placed on the Forest River credit card. Please contact us at 800-252-2551 for dealer cost information.
  5. Are there any annual fees? There is no annual fee for the customer on the Forest River Credit Card.
  6. Can this be used for other trailer lines? This can be used for any trailer line.
  7. How do I qualify to offer the Forest River Card? In order to qualify, you must carry a line of Forest River products.
  8. How do I sign up Sign up is easy; simply complete a dealer application at www.forestrivercard.com or call (800) 419-1041 and a Forest River Card Program Representative will walk you through the dealer approval process.

Using the Program

  1. Are there promotional plans for use anytime to close sales? Yes, you are provided with a Consumer Financing Promotions Sheet which gives you various plans to help you close sales. This can be found at www.forestrivercard.com
  2. Once a customer is approved, how long before they can start using their card? It can be used immediately. Once approved, a customer will receive a temporary card. Their physical card will be mailed to them approximately 7-10 business days later.
  3. How old can something be and still be financed? Used inventory of any age can be financed through the Forest River Card, as long as its sales price can fit within the customers approved credit limit.
  4. Who is the lien holder? There is not a lien-holder needed for sales on the Forest River Card because it is an unsecured line of credit.
  5. How much can a customer put on the card? The customer can put any amount up to the approved credit limit.
  6. What if they want a higher limit? If a customer would like a higher limit, you can call to request to have the credit limit reviewed for an increase. You will need the customer present in order to complete the request.
  7. How do I get more applications and marketing materials? Call Merchant Services at 1-800-538-3638.
  8. When does the dealer get paid? Typically, funding will occur 48 hours after the approved credit card transaction.
  9. What if I forget my password? If you forget your password call the Merchant Services Department at 1-800-538-3638 and have your merchant number and store number ready.
  10. Do I use my credit card machine? No. All transactions for the Forest River Card are processed through the dealer portal at https://www.tdrcsmerchant.com

Using the Program

  1. Who is Priority One? Priority One has been serving the marine and RV industry since 1987. Priority One serves as the F&I managed services provider for hundreds of dealers nationwide. For more information, visit www.P1FS.com.
  2. Do you have a toll-free phone number? Yes, there are toll-free phone numbers to answer your questions and provide service to you and your customers:
    Credit Inquiries: 1-800-808-6950
    Merchant Services: 1-800-538-3638
    Customer Service: 1-800-252-2551
    Dealer Account Manager: 1-800-419-1041